About Us


Our reason for existing is to teach the best to the best.

To empower our graduates into practice knowing they have recieved a comprehensive training in the finest Nature Cure Techniques.

Our College is not set up primarily as a profit making venture

our overheads are kept to a minimum, we do not pay rents and we own all our infrastructure.These savings enable us

to offer this highest quality two year professional diploma course at a fee affordable to any serious student.

We believe in everyones right to be able to access high quality education, fees should not be a barrier.

Our Curriculum is outstanding in its breadth.

In content it surpasses some of the more expensive "sort after" institutions.

This College is not in favour of official "registration" It is our view that this would be detrimental to the classic teaching methods

We believe that would lead to an eventual state of decline in the art of Nature Cure as it became absorbed into mainstram orthodox methods.

We are a fully accredited and insured teaching College.