Advanced Diploma Naturopathy

Approxamately 2,800 hours over a two year period

All required study aids and equipment is supplied with the course.



Year One


Anatomy & Physiology

Study the Structure & Function of the Human Body


Cardiovascular system
Respiratory system
Alimentary system
Liver, biliary system and endocrine pancreas
Endocrine system


The Flower Essences

Global History of Flower Essences

The Bach Flower Remedies

The Australian Wildflower Essences


Introduction to Herbal Therapeutics

Historical background

The Herbal Pharmacopea


Introduction to Biochemistry

The History of Bio - chemic Cell Salts

Materia Medica of the Cell Salts

How to prescibe the Cell Salts

Homeopathic Basis & History

Historical Background

Homeopathic principals

The Materia Medica

Establish a safe workplace

Legal requirements and Ethics

How to set up your practice rooms

Complaint Handling

Ethical behaviour in your practice

Naturopathic Fundamentals

Historical background

Elements of Naturopathic therapeautics


Iris Diagnosis

Structure of the Iris

techniques of iris reading

the general fields

markings in organ areas

the zones

some case histories


The 12 Cell Salts and their Advanced application


Year Two

Herbal Medicine Fundamentals

Herbs in relation to disease


Ayurvedic principals iin Homeopathic practice

Homeopathic medicine and it's relationship to Ayurvedic tridosha Theory


Naturopathic diagnosis and prescibing

Compiling the symptoms

Applying Diet as a therapy

Juice Therapy


the healing crisis

Sun Therapy

Prescring exercise


Homeopathic Diagnosis and prescibing

Taking the case

Finding the similar

Deciding the potency

Using complexes

prescibing a nosode

When to antidote



The Herbal presciption

Assessing the patient


Adverse Reactions


prescribing & dosage rate


Energetic Bodywork

What is Energetic bodywork

The Auric Fields

The Metaphysics of healing

The Meridians and points of the body.

Trigger point therapy basics

using Colour as Therapy

Reflexology Basics

Acupuncture Point Ear Massage


There are two examinations, one at midpoint and one at completion of your course.