Terms and Conditions


1: You may enrol at any time

2: All fee instalments are payable in advance

3: You may study at your own pace

4: you may defer study at any point and resume later without penalty

However we do place a high value on communication and expect our students to inform us in a timely manner if they intend deferring. failure to do so may result in the cancellation of their enrolment.

5: you may terminate your studies at any point. All fees paid up to and including the date of termination of studies are non refundable.

6: If you have paid the full fee for your course of study in advance and you wish to terminate your agreement you will receive a refund less the amount due for any study materials you have already received.

7: You can not rush through the course-you must complete the full 3 year study period

8: All course material is copyright and remains the property of Australian College of Nature Cure